A funny thing happened while I was trying to suss out that normal life.

I took a moment to breathe and reflect this morning and I simply cannot believe how much my life has changed in the past eight months. I have to keep pinching myself to make sure I am still here and really doing all of this. Some days, I am not sure how I am still standing.

I started this year with so much trepidation at having to continue on in a job I wanted to wash my hands of and with a lot of baggage on my heart from a bad relationship and unfortunate run-ins with people I wanted no part of. I was so sad. Just very very sad at how things were going and how I was reacting to them. But…like the stubborn girl I am, I was committed to sticking it out and seeing it through for as long as it took, and loving like crazy along the way. I was determined to have some normalcy for a change. A funny thing happened while I was trying to suss out that normal life.

In only eight months, I have told a man to never contact me again and keep himself to himself. I have had to let go of false friendships. I have made a few friends, too. I have moved to a new city and only two months later, moved to a new state entirely. I have been reminded of what gentlemen are made of. I have walked away from a so-so career. I have met up with old friends and have been reminded I love them something fierce. I have gone from living in a 1200 square foot townhouse to a 9×9 room. (It has been hard, but it has also been a good lesson.) I have ridden fast on a motorcycle, broken bread with people I love so dearly, and hiked a lot of miles. I have seen my writings get some more street cred and a little more exposure. (Stoked about that!!) I have started a Master’s program at a university I love. (Go Wildcats!) And in just two weeks, I will return to finish something I started years ago and will see a dream come true. I have cried. I have lost. I have cursed a blue streak (or ten). I have laughed uproariously. I have loved. I have said goodbye far too much.

I am fond of saying that my life is a comedy of errors. It truly is. The scrapes that a perpetually dreaming, wild, adventurous woman can get herself into are hilarious. Sometimes dangerous. Sometimes heartbreaking. But always good for a chuckle. Life is a good good gift and I fully intend to find every adventure in it as long as I’m here. I am not where I thought I would be. Thank God for that.


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