How lovely it is to be in love….



I imagine the title of this post caught your eye, eh? Let me be clear: I am most definitely writing about being in love. But certainly not about a man. I know some good and incredible men, but now is just not the season for my heart to seek them out nor to pay attention if they are seeking me out. I am simply in love these days. 

IN LOVE. I love so many things about my life. I love my family. I love my friends. I love the paths I am going down. This isn’t about that, either. Being in love is not about feelings or emotions – those are fickle things at best. I am finding that being in love is about the state of my heart, a state that cannot be shaken by difficult days, hurtful words, unwanted surprises, or even the good things life has to offer. I am indwelling in love, awash in it, drowning in its beckoning whispers. 

Will Reagan and the United Pursuit Band have a gorgeous song called, “Through and Through.” The lyrics over and over say,

You see me.

You know me.

You love me through and through.

Perhaps that is what I am trying to get at. When in love, it is not about what is happening or what is said or what I feel, it is about the knowing that I am tucked safely away and protected and encouraged and seen and known and LOVED by the Lord, the One who loves and saves. When I know that, when I live that, whether I feel it or not, every day begins hopeful. Every hurtful experience is meant as a way of strengthening and teaching. Every ordinary moment feels alive.

Residing in Love frees my feeble human heart to learn to love myself and to love others with wild abandon.

Without fear.

Without expectation.

Without condition.

How lovely. 






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