In the wilderness.

Four years ago, I found myself at something of an impasse. I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship and in speaking up, alienated myself from friends and my church. My job environment was quickly deteriorating into something I no longer wished to be part of, and a job prospect with my dream NGO … Continue reading In the wilderness.


I love you.

If I tell you I love you, I mean it. All the way. No restrictions. No conditions. I know people use it wrong and say it when they don't mean it and those experiences have caused you to question its validity each and every time. Not me. I mean it. I didn't used to. I … Continue reading I love you.


As I move ahead in my life and my career, I find that I define success different than most of those around me. Many of my colleagues define it by the number of degrees on their walls or the amount of meetings they get in with the upper echelons of administration. Sometimes they define it … Continue reading Winning.


I am 35 today. Relatively speaking, it is quite young. Not even half my life. (I hope). But my heart tells a different story entirely. I feel old inside. Tired of nonsense and people who do not value others. And yet experiencing a growing sense of compassion towards people who are doing the best they … Continue reading 35.