Bio: I live, and love, adventure. I see all of life as adventure, from trips to the grocery store to living on a wee sailboat. (I miss that sailboat life something fierce. Sometimes I write about it.) I am equal parts lover and listener - I love people and I relish the privilege of hearing their stories. I am a little wild and this surprises people at times. I love being outside at all hours of the day and night; it's magic, really. I have been both humbled and redeemed by the One who loves and saves. His love makes me love people even more. People's messy lives do not scare me in the slightest as I am too caught up in sussing out my own messy life that I have neither time nor patience for fear. I will not listen to a story with wide eyes and horror-stricken lips and judgment at the ready - I don't have it in me. I have seen too much for the years I have been alive, I am told. I pray these experiences have made me gracious and kind and, if not understanding of a storyteller's story, then at least compassionate...for we are all hurting souls who long for freedom. I like to walk alongside others as they learn freedom. It is a great joy of mine. I laugh loud and long. Every day is ripe for a good chuckle in there somewhere and you can be assured I'll find it. Joy is a gift. I am deeply grateful for it because I lived much of my life without it and without knowing why. It is in my veins now and embedded in my skin and etched on my heart. I am grateful. I am a God-seeker. A follower of the Lord. I don't like the word Christian. It's been overused and abused and currently looks quite different than its original intention. So I settle on God-seeker for now. I write. I have been writing with a frenzied passion since I could write. I always will. I prefer the written word to the spoken because talking is always a little less honest and a little less permanent and a little less examined before it spills over.

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