Life is delicious these days. The air in these piney woods feels like magic, the relationships and interactions with both my old and newly developing tribe are particularly sweet, each sunrise feels like a kiss from a lover, and my heart beats a grateful rhythm in my chest. After everything that has transpired in the last three … Continue reading Restoration.


A letter to the victims.

Dearest darling girls, I wish I could tell you I understand, but I do not. I have never been molested, never sexually assaulted, never sexually abused in any manner. I cannot imagine what you felt then, and I cannot imagine what you feel now. I can only tell you I'm sorry. I'm sorry that we will … Continue reading A letter to the victims.


I just have not had time. I know very well there are 24 hours in a day and that we all have 24 hours to choose how to spend, but I have not had time. I wish there were 48 hours in a day right now. Just for awhile. Then I could spend more time … Continue reading Ashes.

Hot tears.

Yesterday I had just had enough. The weariness that people have been warning me about for months finally set in during an unfortunate moment. Fourteen hours at two jobs is too much on a sane person. Add to that working seven days a week, serious illnesses of people I love, no time to simply share … Continue reading Hot tears.